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Personal Reflection

“Leadership in ME”

A clear vision is one of the most important functions a leader needs to deliver. Every leader should know the fundamental components of vision and how to deliver a distinct vision (Kouzes and Posner, 2009). My vision of leadership is that as a leader not only lead the employees but also involve and encourage them. In addition, leader not only needs to develop his or her own ideas but also need to listen to employees. As a great leader, they need to find what are the advantages of their employees and utilize their strengths, and help them to become a shiny star, meanwhile achieve the goal of the company.

I will discuss the leadership of mine through Six Emotional Leadership Styles. This theory highlights the strengths and weaknesses of six leadership styles, Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Pacesetting, and Commanding. Furthermore, it explains how each style can influence the emotions of the group members (Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee, 2002).

According to the 10 weeks group interaction, I think The Democratic Leader and The Affiliative Leader style can illustrate my personal leadership styles. Both of them have positive impact on climate. The Democratic Leader style acts to value inputs and commitment via participation, listening to both the bad and the good news. The Affiliative Leader creates people connections and thus harmony within the organization. It is a very collaborative style that focuses on emotional needs over work needs.

My tutor and his classes, also the knowledge cast inspired my understanding of effective leadership. Before the week 1, I always wanted to be a leader, meanwhile, I am not very clearly about how to become a leader and the concepts of leadership are chaotic in my mind. However, after 10 weeks learning, I think I gain a lot about leadership. Such as, the difference between manager and leader, how to become a great manager, leadership skills and different models and theories. In addition, the learning knowledge supports me to have a clear plan of my future career because I have a better understanding of my weakness and strengths base on the 10 weeks.


The other motive example is Google, Google also inspired my understanding of effective leadership for a long time. When I was an undergraduate student I knew that delivering the vision of the company and allowing the freedom for their employees part of Google’s people-management system. If I become a leader I will also do it for my employees because creative and innovative corporate culture assist the employees flourish. In addition, treating employees well is also important for the developing of the company. Google leadership’s system of supporting the work of employees has driven the increase of innovations, hence, to the fast growth of Google. Furthermore, Google gives the employees with a great environment so that they can focus completely on their work. For example, Google affords many benefits to their employees, such as the “gyms, laundry rooms, massage rooms, haircutting salons, car washes, dry cleaning services, commuting buses equipped with bike racks, leather seats, internet access, and facilities to carry pets onboard (Manimala and Wasdani, 2013,).”


From the first week till last week, we have a wealth of group discussions and group activities during the classes. We have group works many times through these ten weeks. My colleagues gave me a lot of encouragement and help; they make me a better understanding of my strengths and weakness according to the advices from my group members.


  • l  Very concerned about the topic, and making decision quickly
  • l  I can make an effort to choose the best solution, which meets the wishes of all the group members.
  • l  Very skilled and good at marketing, social media and advertising
  • l  Very good at design long-term and short-term action plans


Sometimes, I consider too many factors that led to me hide my real opinions. I think for a good leader too emotional or too much thinking is not good. This requires long time practice to improve.

There are still have some leadership skills I need to developing as the progress through my MBA program although I am good at many skills. The most significant skill I need to develop is social skill. Leaders should be good communicators because they need communicate their team to support them and be excited about a new mission or project (Mindtools, nd). Hence, I should overcome my own personality; constantly exercise myself in the next courses.


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    • Hello, thank you for your comment.
      My group work for example. I provide harmony among my group members, and help them to work out conflict, and pay attention to each group members feel connected to each other.

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